Training Agreement Dole

SECTION 4. Request for support from the NMYC. - Any private or public person who wishes to take training or training can ask the NMYC for help by submitting a project proposal to its Director General. Office and apprentice service from the relevant regional office, which must provide a copy of the agreement. - The employer gives a copy of the apprenticeship contract to the office and apprentice department of the regional office and agency that gives the appropriate theoretical instructions, if the employer is not the one giving these instructions. Copies are sent by the employer within five (5) working days from the day of their execution. If the agreement is found to be defective and one of the parties suffers serious harm if such a deficiency is not corrected, the Apprentice Department refuses to allow the employer, within five (5) working days, to implement the agreement pending an amendment. Other defects can be correlated without suspending the effectiveness of the contract. Cralaw The employer provides the learner, the Office and the Apprentice Department of the relevant regional office, within five (5) working days of completion by the parties, with any copy of the apprenticeship agreement next to Section 12. section 12 cralaw.

- The Council coordinates the activities of the employment services with the Employment Services Office, particularly with regard to the measurement of unemployment and underemployment, the conduct of surveys of local workers and work studies, including the inventory of the labour force, as well as the maintenance and maintenance of a national register of technicians and other skilled workers who have carried out training programmes at the Council, including their regular publication and the maintenance of an adequate and current work information system. End of the training project. - The Director General may terminate any training program or project if the evaluation proves that the centre/project has not met the requirements of the approved project proposal or if any of the provisions of the memorandum agreement are violated. Reason for terminating the contract. - Any party can terminate them after the trial period for a valid reason. The following reasons are: (d) the approximate number of hours of training in the workplace and the additional theoretical instructions that the apprentice must follow during his training; (c) the name of the profession, occupation or activity in which the apprentice is trained and the date on which the training will begin and end approximately; (d) the obligation to recruit the learner, if he wishes, as a regular worker at the end of the training. Copy of the agreement to be presented to the department. - Each employment contract must be passed on by the employer to the disabled worker and to the service of apprentices in accompaniment. The Minister of Labour and Labour, or his duly qualified representative, may check from time to time the working conditions of disabled workers in order to verify compliance with their employment contract by the parties.

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