Usda Cooperative Agreement Terms And Conditions

The conditions of award are determined by legal, regulatory and agency requirements, as well as the circumstances of each grant. The terms and conditions define important points related to your grant, including the payment method, frequency and content of the report, and pre-authorization conditions. Special conditions of the agency: FDP conditions do not apply to NSF cooperation contracts and scholarships. The FDP`s terms do not apply to contracts. For your convenience, the following direct links are included in these conditions for attribution. All related documents, including the Agency`s schedules and terms and conditions, are kept on a National Science Foundation website. Visit the NSF website to access this important information. In addition to the general conditions of award, some scholarship programmes have specific sales conditions for the programme: NIFA`s GENERAL AWARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS (except: Capacity, 1890 institutions and SBIR - see below the applicable Conditions page) All NFIls are required to comply with the requirements of the government`s price term with respect to the universal management and identification system in 2 C.F.R. Part 25. , Appendix A, the full text of which is inserted into the conditions of your sentence by reference.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture`s FDP conditions apply to all research and research grants. The FDP`s terms do not apply to construction and equipment contracts or cooperation contracts. The FDP`s Department of Energy conditions apply to research and research grants. The FDP`s terms do not apply to cooperation agreements, contracts or other transactions. References to the terms of your award can be accessed at the awards ceremony. NiFA`s general award conditions apply to all research and research grants (e.g. B Research, Education and Extension Scholarships), Cooperation Agreements and Special Projects awarded to universities, hospitals and other non-profit organizations, with the exception of Capacity, 1890 Facilities and Small Business Innovation Research Programs (SBIR). (See the page below for certain conditions applicable to these exceptions.) National Institutes of Health applies the terms of the FDP to the Program Project Award (P01), the Researchers` Health Awards (Ks), the Miniority High School Student Research Project Program Awards (SO3) and all grants research projects (Rs) with the exception of Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (R43) and the Small Business Technology Transfers (R41) Awards.

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