Australia-Canada Consular Services Sharing Agreement Schedule

Heinbecker, who was referring to earlier differences on issues such as apartheid-era Bosnia and South Africa, also reportedly expressed concerns about an increased risk potential to the security of Canadian diplomats, particularly in the Middle East. "The idea we have so much in common with the British that it`s useful to share routine premises. I think that`s a mistake," he said. (21) Australian and Canadian officials may receive specific consular, administrative and financial instructions under this Agreement, adopted by mutual agreement between the two Departments, to supplement the General Instructions referred to in paragraphs 19 and 20. 19) For services provided on behalf of Canada, standard operating procedures are those set out in the Manual of Consular Instructions (Volumes 1 and 2). (6) The services not included in this Agreement are the issuance of regular passports or visas of any kind, legal or notarial acts, assistance in the event of extradition, management of citizens` estates, registration of deaths, follow-up of investigations and provision of specific information on matters other than those relating to consular services referred to in paragraph 5. For persons to or from French Polynesia who must travel on French territorial continuity flights to and from Tahiti and Paris in transit through Canada (Vancouver), please also consult the recommendations of the French High Commission in French Polynesia. The Canada-Australia-Consular Services Sharing Agreement is a bilateral agreement between the Australian and Canadian governments, in which each country provides consular assistance to the citizens of the other in situations agreed from time to time between the two countries. [1] Canadians may receive consular assistance from the following Australian diplomatic missions: This Agreement has existed since 1986, when the Right Honourable Joe Clark, P.C., M.P., Canada`s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and the Honourable Bill Hayden, M.P., Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs, exchanged notes to create the Agreement. .

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