Blanket Purchase Agreement R12

Both are different types of PO documents (BPA, STANDARD PO). There are no restrictions in creating a standard order for items defined in BPA. Standard OrdersYou usually create standard orders for the one-time purchase of different items. You create standard orders if you know the details of the goods or services needed, estimated costs, quantities, delivery plans, and accounting distributions. If you use effort accounting, the order can be debited because the necessary information is known. Hello Mukul, we have an "Amount Limit" field in the Conditions section > agreement controls. This field is intended to limit the cumulative allowance in relation to the framework agreement on the total value of the dollar. Your question is to limit each approval cycle based on value? ThanksSrini Global Blanket AgreementsYou may need to negotiate based on a company`s total purchasing volume to centralize purchasing activity through a large and sometimes diverse group of companies. Through global agreements (a special type of framework contract), buyers can negotiate company-wide prices, transaction by company, and then execute and manage those agreements in a central common environment.

Business organizations can then access the agreement to create orders that use negotiated prices and terms. They can influence the means of a global agreement. Check this resource: ————————— Avtec Ltd, Pithampur, India. Hello Rajeshar, Can you call me, how can I load contract purhcase orders from the backend. Please explain what you mean by "Value-based approval hierarchy" Hello Mukul,In accordance with your request, it seems that you want a BPA to be approved by the person who has an authorization limit for the total amount of BPA (i.e. the sum of the 6 items). As I understand it, you can do the same thing by defining authorization groups assigned to each employee through licensing and employment. If you have a question in the hierarchy of permissions, please ask for the sameHope this will help youCheersRanjeet We create a framework sales contract that assumes that there will be 6 items. If BPA is approved, it should only be authorized by the person who has an authorization limit in the value of the sum of the quantity counted based on the rate of the 6 elements, otherwise it will go to the nearest person who exists in the hierarchy of the authorization. Thank you & Greetings, Mukul _____ By: srinivas venkatesan via oracle-apps-l [] Sent: Friday, July 31, 2009 3:04 PM An: Mukul Purkar. Subject: Re: [oracle-apps-l] Hierarchy of permissions for the package order _____ By: srinivas venkatesan via oracle-apps-l[] Sent: Friday, July 31, 2009 15:04TO: Mukul Purkar.Subject: Re: [oracle-apps-l] Hierarchy of permissions for a package order Hello Could you tell me if a competing API or program invites orders from the contract buyer...

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