Concession Agreement Sample Philippines

The dealers are in constant contact - but not in negotiation - with the government, because there are no provisions to negotiate or comment on yet. The Seller will not sublet or transfer this agreement to third parties without the prior written permission of the Owner. The seller has the exclusive right to serve hot and cold drinks as well as all other items from the state of the dealership. The owner of the land provides all electricity and water services necessary for the operation of the state of the concession. At the end of this concession contract, the seller will remove all the goods from the premises and return the property to its original condition. The purpose of this Article is to establish factual elements on how the provisions on public-private partnerships have been developed, as provided for in the concession contract, and to update (at the time of the letter of this Article) an update on the status of the revision, preparation and adoption of the revised Agreement, which has been widely publicized. This concession agreement between [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] (Property Owner) and [Vendor.FirstName] [Vendor.LastName] (Vendor) (Vendor), which was concluded in [Agreement.Date], concerns the property in [Property.Location] and is subject to the following conditions: The seller must take out and maintain appropriate insurance for the duration of the concession contract. It is necessary to provide proof of insurance indicating the owner as "additionally insured". By signing the following agreement, seller and owner enter into this concession agreement and communicate their intention to maintain this agreement at all times. While the Philippine president has publicly stated that there is a revised agreement proposed to dealers on the basis of "Take it or leave it" with no room for negotiation, the government has not officially sent dealers a copy of this agreement at the time of this letter. The seller undertakes to retain all authorizations and licenses required by the Ministry of Health for the duration of this concession contract. In December 2019, the MWSS Board of Directors revoked its earlier decision to extend the Manila Water concession contract from 2022 to 2037. The MET Secretariat then issued a press release stating that the decision did not result in the cancellation or total termination of the contract.

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