Swiss Asset Management Agreement

"Sustainable investments are certainly at the centre of concerns. Asset management not only creates long-term value for investors, it is particularly important in its role to finance a sustainable economy. The Asset Management Association Switzerland and its members are committed to sustainable finance, as evidenced by the recently published detailed recommendations on sustainable investments," says Lorenz Arnet, Senior Business Advisor at the Asset Management Association Switzerland.Figure 2: Opportunities for asset management companies established in Switzerland In practice, Swiss banks and asset managers indicate in their contractual documents that the relationship is regulated. by Swiss law. In the international context, such an election is valid under PILA, unless the contract is considered to be a consumer contract (i.e. a contract for ordinary consumer goods or services intended for personal or family use and not related to the consumer`s professional or commercial activity). If so, should the contract be subject to the law of the State in which the consumer has his habitual residence if: is mandatory legislation or regulation mandatory in private banking or asset management contracts? Are there any mandatory requirements for disclosure, communication, form or content of the private bank`s contractual documentation? According to the Ombudsman, the so-called freedom of contract is a fundamental principle of Swiss law. On this basis, no one may be compelled to enter into a contract with another party or to maintain a relationship in a particular form, unless he is previously contractually obliged to do so. Banking services are also largely governed by agency law. Article 404 of the Swiss Law of Obligations provides that such agreements may in principle be terminated at any time by both parties. It is also clear from the right of termination at any time that a bank is able to impose changes to the contract in the relatively short term.

If the counterparty does not agree with these changes, it must look for another more appropriate offer. We help you finance your retirement without compromising your quality of life. We help you make demanding decisions about whether a precautionary solution, a capital injection or a combination of both is the best financial option. A carefully coordinated withdrawal plan complements the implementation of an asset management mandate. The living situation of each person and family is unique. Together with you, we identify the appropriate investment solution and specify the appropriate investment strategy to ensure optimal management of your assets. We focus on your needs and goals. Describe the different types of private banking and life management contracts and their main features. An individual management contract is available for a portfolio with assets in excess of CHF 300,000. . . .


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