Have a look at the amazing post-consumer fruit leathers that our bags are currently made of. Our materials are super soft, durable and with a heavenly fruity smell.

 At Kzeniya we pride ourselves on the use of only the best quality and the most cutting edge, revolutionary materials which have a potential to improve our world. One small step at the time. The power of consumers shouldn't be underestimated, with each little product we buy we collectively shape the future of our planet. Most products currently produced have very negative impacts on the environment. With our products however you can rest assured that what you buy does not only look great but has a meaningful impact. Kzeniya bags are vegan and cruelty free. 

Materials science, is a key technology when it comes to economic development is that natural resources are in increasingly short supply. That is why our philosophy is deeply rooted in circular principals. We use materials made of post-consumer waste. Our apple leather comes from the waste of the juicing industry and our grape leather comes from the waste of the wine industry. Our plant-based material is 100% natural and biodegradable. While having these extraordinary technologies behind our materials they are also super durable and designed to be long lasting. We strive to create products that are zero waste, made of natural, upcycled and recycled materials. This also applies to our packaging and the approach we take during the production. Kzeniya bags are made in small factories in Italy as we believe it is important to support traditions, artistry and craftsmanship.